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Great and honest analysis Antonio. I appreciate the assessment, and I agree with what you say. Keep up the good work.

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Disappointed with the lack of understanding as to what BlackBerry actually offers with QNX and IVY. IVY is nothing close to an app store, IVY is the plumbing that allows the data from all the separate subsystems that make up a modern car to be aggregated and used at the Edge or sent to the cloud without the manufactures and OEM's having to maintain all the interfaces.

QNX 8.0 is a dramatic shift from QNX 7 allowing the power of modern chips to truly be realised for the first time - this is huge.

Lumping all of Cybersecurity together is another mistake. All products other than Cylance are doing great - AtHoc is winning left right and center.

Cylance has value - it has more AI Patents than its 15 closest competitors combined. These patents also predate those of the competitors. Cylance works on embedded systems, its competitors do not. The use of embedded systems if growing dramatically (automotive, Medical, defense) etc. and the other Cyber Security vendors could value Cylance as an extremely attractive acquisition.

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