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I think the AI part is a little off. The AI tools Unity has are still in early development and will take some time to have those tools in production. Long term, both Epic (which also has some AI research team) and Unity will have some advantages given they can produce these tools and small engines like Godot probably can't (not enough resources).

The part that I completely disagree is about the training. These tools are not trained with data from other Unity project, specially not the biggest ones. And I doubt that ever happen. The companies won't probably allow that (imagine just the copyright issues).

For me other red flags of this company are the lack of strong results in their new tech. They were hiring plenty of amazing engineers (I'm AAA graphics programmer working with Unreal, and our community is small enough to know some of them) but the results were a little all over the place. Now, even some of them are leaving, like recently Mike Acton. I would like to see stronger results in their tech side of things to give them a higher premium. So I'm investing but little and under some range to have some margin. However, Unity still has a big market share and I believe they will be able to maintain that market share in the short term.

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