Jun 6, 2023Liked by Antonio Linares

Hi Antonio, it was again a great pleasure to read your thoughts and to learn more about Roblox.

Quite interesting to see, that they are truly a global phenomenon, I always suspected them to have a much more western-centric user base.

I think their model might be the most resilient ‚‘metaverse gaming play‘, as it is self-adapting and can reinvent itself.

I will follow this company closesly, as it continues it‘s path towards profitability.

All the best,


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Dear Konstantin, the pleasure is mine.

This company has snowballed into something very big and strange, in a seemingly organic manner. It is fascinating.

I´m reviewing its latest quarter as we speak. The stock has gotten hammered and I´m curious to see what is going on.

Best wishes,


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