Great write up.

I do agree with a lot of what has been said here, honestly my main issue with the metaverse thing has been the poor communication about what they seek to do with it.

I remember a point blank question on the earnings call about the metaverse and they basically said they didn't know what it would bring in 2025.

Honest? Maybe, but any owner of Meta would be concerned about a company pouring billions down a path with such uncertainty.

That said, the price has taken out a lot of the risks.

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"the things that have done the most good for humanity have also done the most harm"

Reminds me a lot of what Ben Thompson frequently says, that technology is neither intrinsically good nor bad, just neutral, but people will take it in both directions. Money, TV, internet, gaming, social media, crypto

Fantastic piece as usual

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Antonio Linares

Great write up! Thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ»

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Exactly, the Qest Pro Move is actually made to lose money. Get hit heavily on the hardware as a needed sacrifice to push the software.

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Great write-up. Thanks for sharing.

I have a comment. The trend of people consuming more AI-recommended content hurts meta overall for two reasons. First, it weakens Meta's competitive advantage from its established social networks, which powers content recommendation in Meta's Apps. Second, it costs more, both variable and fixed costs wise, e.g., compute cycles and GPU, to serve AI-recommended content than friends recommended content.

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