Hard disagree on Quik. At least on the android store, the app is recently bombing, with complaints about core features being completely broken.

For your thesis to prove true, it needs to nail hardware and software, to be priced like the iPhone for cameras -- and it's only got the hardware, which is increasingly coming under fire by cheap knock offs.

The reason why the iPhone has prevailed is by transforming the user experience. Speaking of my own experience, using a goPro, I just don't see the same craft and attention put in. Put it this way, would I buy a goPro a cheap knock off product? I don't see the same appeal, even for content creators, especially when core sections of their main app is broken.

I genuinely don't believe my take is biased either. I'm going pretty far back in app reviews, looking at various filtering options. I want to give them a chance, but I don't see how they'll turn things around. Heck, one of the reviews recommends people to go look at insta360.

Counterpoint: they have 37 engineering jobs open at the moment: https://jobs.gopro.com/jobs/category/engineering#/

Counterpoint counterpoint: As an engineer, the entire job market is pretty hot, I'm not entirely convinced they can revamp their engineering culture. Thoughts?

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