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Monsieur- cut your losses on this one. The amount of energy spent analyzing and writing about this company can be better spent elsewhere. You want an asymmetric bet- try $ENVX (Enovix). Bon chance 🍀 ✌🏽

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This story Remember me of tesla at the beginning.it was saved by Musk marketing Genius,Will this CEO be similar?

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Invest into the most advanced Transportation Technology that is Humanly possible.

Future proof because it creates only water as exhaust meaning it creates absolute Zero Emissions forever.

It is a Trillion Dollar Investment opportunity.

This Technology is designed to end Aviation and Bankrupt Airbus Boeing Lockheed Bombardier Siemens TGV+++

It is my Invention.

It is a Train that uses self levitation by forward motion and Air Breathing technology to achieve speeds of more than 10 times the speed of sound.

It is also an Infrastructure System at the same time providing Internet and everything through its track.

Around the world in 4 hours... that's right 4h... with absolute Zero Emissions.

Nothing can beat this Technology.

Only honest people need to apply.


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Thanks for your write ups Antonio. Amyris is exciting business, however have enough “growth” companies not generating profits. Will be watching and if it does execute and become profitable it will be one I buy.

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