Active Deep Dive Updates

Below is the list of companies that you can expect me to write regular updates on.

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I will be adding and removing companies from this list, depending on how they progress. You will be notified with an email for every company that is added/removed.

Quarterly updates:

  1. TSLA -2.21%↓

  2. AMD -3.35%↓

  3. NVDA 0.00%↑

  4. PLTR -6.42%↓

  5. SPOT -3.07%↓

  6. BB -1.36%↓

  7. GPRO 2.32%↑

  8. AMZN -3.85%↓

Bi-annual updates:

  1. META -2.27%↓

  2. RBLX -1.25%↓

  3. CRWD -4.44%↓

  4. MSFT -3.03%↓

  5. PATH -6.85%↓

  6. HIMS -3.72%↓

  7. SQ 0.00%↑

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